Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kao Prettia Japanese Hair Dye Review

Three weeks ago, I dyed my hair with Prettia Glossy Brown hair color. It is a Japanese brand not available in american grocery stores. I bought it at Marukai japanese market in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Prettia is a really effective hair dye for those with virgin black hair. It uses a foaming technology to color every part of your hair evenly, producing a professionally-dyed color.

Here are the colors of Prettia:

I think there is also a gold/yellow series of colors.

I purchased Glossy Brown. 

PROS:  Prettia gave me great results and I am glad I bought it.  The color looks natural and gives my hair a lovely shine and gloss, just like its name Glossy Brown.  The color is very bright under the sun, but is not overwhelming or fake-looking.

CONS:  Prettia has quite a strong chemical smell that I didn't anticipate. The previous hair dyes i tried had a gentle, even sweet, fragrance, but Prettia had quite a strong smell.  
            Don't underestimate the amount of hairdye Prettia has. When you begin to apply the foam, you must keep in mind that you will need to finish the entire bottle (which is A LOT of foam). This may be a 'pro' to people with long hair, but a 'con' to people with short hair, like me. Be careful not to drop any of the foam onto ur clothes, floor, or sink. It may stain.
            The conditioning cream comes in a thin sachet inside the box. I really disliked the tiny amount of conditioner. It was not even enough for half of my hair. While I washed my hair, I tried not to smell the strong odor.

Despite the many 'cons' I listed, I am extremely pleased with my results.  Many people compliment the nice hair color.  Besides the strong smell, Prettia is a great hair dye ;D

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